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Comparing Propor to Podio & REI/Kit for the best CRM for Real estate wholesalers.

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Ethan Choi


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May 12, 2024

Real Estate

Comparing Propor to other RE wholesale solutions (Podio & REI/Kit)

When deciding on a tool to support your real estate wholesaling business, it's crucial to consider certain factors. Will it contribute to your success? What features are essential? Is it a long-term solution?

We've compiled data on leading CRMs for wholesalers like Propor, Podio, and REI/Kit, to help you compare and make the best choice to enhance your business.

Comparison Chart Between Podio, REI/Kit, and Propor

At the end of the day having the right solution that fits your NEEDS is critical. Hopefully this article helps in your journey as a wholesaler. If Propor seems like the right solution for you, try out the platform with our 14-day free trial!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more - reach out to us via our contact us page!

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