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Comparing Propor to Podio & Follow Up Boss CRMs for Real estate wholesalers.

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Ethan Choi


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May 13, 2024

Real Estate

Comparing Propor to other RE wholesale solutions (Podio & Follow Up Boss)

When deciding on a tool to support your real estate wholesaling business, it's crucial to consider certain factors. Will it contribute to your success? What features are essential? Is it a long-term solution?

We've compiled data on leading CRMs for wholesalers like Propor, Podio, and Follow Up Boss, to help you compare and make the best choice to enhance your business.

Comparison Chart Between Podio, Follow Up Boss, and Propor

At the end of the day having the right solution that fits your NEEDS is critical. Hopefully this article helps in your journey as a wholesaler. If Propor seems like the right solution for you, try out the platform with our 14-day free trial!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more - reach out to us via our contact us page!

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